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But any of you interested in my weather-is-following-the-magnetic-pole theory, here are some links for contemplation aids: onetwothree. Consider they either don't know or won't say where the north magnetic pole is lately — go ahead and google "where is magnet north right now" — and how it appears to be whipping around under there just now. Then see if you move Siberia up where the north pole is — pretend magnetic north is geographical north — which isn't much of a move on that representation — it begins to look like we are getting darn near the Arctic Circle. And then consider that the sun's in the wrong place... like maybe magnetic and geographical might, at least right now, be darn close to the same thing.

Only what once was an open ocean/ice north geographic pole is now a very near Siberia north geographic pole. THAT explains the sun problem, and how... or you can just skip over how that sucker's been coming into my house all wrong for the past some-odd years, call me crazy and discount my loopy theorizing altogether. Fucking fine.

Oh, and innit weird how the south magnetic pole is, and has been for a long time, on the coast of Antarctica under Australia? And don't all those magnetic lines east and west of neutral go fucking psychedelically swoopy and swirly for the explanation of this phenomenon we got in school?

Yes. They do.

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