just a thought granny fussbudget better not rip off

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As you may remember, I am telling you there is an insider resistance working against the psychopaths. It has been clear to me that they have been helping Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Vladimir Putin, among, I'm sure, others, for a long time... entirely to save life on earth for living things.

I think we just got Trump because the psychopaths are pivoting... having been, at least temporarily, and so recently, checkmated on the matter of global control... the famous New World Order... One World Government... whatever the fuck have you.

The private physics end of this shit needs to become somewhat less opaque to at least a few more ordinary mortals, and this may be, finally, the way to it. Our signal that the death grip is loosening, at least for now. Okay?

No space wars. No Nazi bases on Pluto. No aliens. No fucking childish and meretricious approaches to sifting down to something approximating actuality, you pusillanimous little self-obsessed fuck. Just plain there are still some decent people out there risking their lives for the future of humanity, instead of conjuring up some carnival barker living off impressive credentials that nonetheless got you exactly nowhere in life, and if you can't man up enough to be one of them, which you clearly can't, then fucking shut up and go back to cranking out your typo-riddled books.

Let what grip you have left on truth be sussed by the infinitely patient readers who will stumble across them, and STOP taking up so many increments of our time with your fucking information starved and/or repetitive and/or plagiarized online lures for more bliss ninnies to sign up and pay up. People are suffering!

You used to know the difference between easing that suffering and exploiting it.

always and any time....