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Spent at least half yesterday freaking out about the stuff out the mouth of the WHPS... like, WTF country are we in now, anyway? But, today, I'm freaking over clear and cold... and the motherfucking sun coming in my house from another angle entirely than it ever did before.

I know you think I'm crazy. But I'm crazy in a good way, and I'm not lying to you. The sun never comes in directly from this particular window... and that means it's so far southeast it's almost not east anymore, and the frost on the rooftops has not melted even yet. It was 41ยบ in my house this morning... much warmer than outside it for sure, but my power bill is going to suck planets next month.

However, I can't say for sure how long the sun's been in this heinous state because the sky has been too full of really wet benightment for so many months... but for sure it's extremely too far south already and it ain't even fully the solstice yet.

And, I think, next, I also have to invest in a globe so I can see how much closer I am to the new North Pole than the old one. No wonder my famed sense of direction is so far off kilter. IT'S NOT ME! I'm not as senile as I thought!

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