only guilty of ego tripping

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Couldn't do manhood, so settled for ego tripping. This is very, very, very common. The City of Oakland is liable for this travesty, and our society is responsible for it. This idiot was guilty only of having ideas he was and is too ignorant to handle... like very many others running around loose out there.

He's been raving in his ego tripping for a long time, playing manly, which is obnoxious as fuck, but not reason to convict him of mass murder when that was clearly not his intent. His intent was to ego trip on providing a living space for as many optionless artists as possible for the rest of his life. Oakland, on the other hand, appears to have been playing Government for all this time, ego tripping on their power instead of doing what they are paid to do.

Each one of the dead was as accountable for this as Derick. If you want him dead, you wanted them dead. They called the place "The Ghost Ship" for fucksakes. Readers of B. Traven will understand. Yeah, yeah, that was 'tude and they didn't want to die, but they were mostly the children of children, a couple of generations worth of purposely dumbed and dependent and debauched Americans. ALL they have, ALL they are capable of manifesting, is biological imperatives and head trips. Lord of the Flies come true.

Outrageous as it seems to me, I can too well believe most of them didn't understand fire hazard enough to notice it. I used to run a Bed & Breakfast in Mendo World. I had to make the fireplace in the honeymoon suite such that all that would be needed to build a fire in there was for the new husband to light a match... because, already, thirty years ago, too many men and women only knew you needed a match to make a fire.

I guess this means some of us old people can take heart in the knowledge that if we survive the asteroid, the others are going to need to listen to us about almost everything in order to keep surviving.

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