how much time do i give him?

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Or maybe it's how much time is he giving himself... I don't know. Yeah, this was at least commandos and not a drone, but, of course, we lost one and they lost a minimum of thirty. Still. I need to figure out how far I will let our new president wallow around in this shit before I have to start screaming my peacenik rhetoric for all I'm worth again.

Insofar as he's wrapping it up, okay. I hate it. It sucks, but there's a lot of blowback from nefarious activities over the last couple decades that just cannot be expected to lay down and die now, so I imagine there really is some cleaning up that needs done.

We need to know if the mechanism for arming and paying terrorists has been shut down, or is being shut down. We know that was all fully operational under Nosbaracktu, and it should now be either impossible to sustain or drastically curtailed by our brand new Trump administration. No?

We gotta see and I gotta figure out at what point my good will shrivels up.

pipe up any time....