i just watched something amazing

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As I'm posting there's about a half an hour until the second phase is supposed to go into motion, but the launch of SpaceX's Iridium-1 satellites was fucking awesome. I tuned in just in time to see the launch go off perfectly and the cameras on the first stage stayed operational all the way to its landing right back down, dead on the X, onto the drone platform.

Blew my mind.


[From liftoff to space to perfect landing, 8 minutes, 15 seconds.]


[Here's just the exciting part... stays exciting after a few views.]

Been asleep for most of the last couple days. Just got up long enough to fish some stuff up off the web for your consideration, stare miserably at my environs, agonize over the need to leave them for my addiction's sake, hope the trip wasn't going to end badly and get back in bed.

This is my body trying to do full depression... well... doing full depression... and reaching to get my spirit in on it. My spirit feels a little beat up, but not having it anyway.

Dudes. That launch was awesome.

If/when they put up the video from the stream, I'll replace the image link with it.

pipe up any time....