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No guarantees, and even if I manage to do it, chances are nearly nil that it will sink in. C'est la vie type of thing. I gotta try.

You've undoubtedly heard the old one about not listening to what people say and watching what they do. It's an old one because it is a true one. People have a bad tendency to get too much up in their heads and heeding only immediate sensory inputs over considered symphonies of sensory inputs over time.

Yes, some people are good at pattern recognition, but not even that guarantees you don't get trapped by your conditioning working to stamp itself on your experience and fucking you for life.

There are people freaking out that Donald Trump is president. And since they're protesting like this only AFTER he won the election, one must assume these people thought Hilldawg was the better choice. Inconceivable as this is, I am sorry to report that I conceive it, that I know people are this blind.

Can't get used to it.

I'm pretty sure this is largely to do with so few ACTUALLY reading the WikiLeaks releases. That is partly to do with just plain general incompetence; partly because people don't have time; partly because people are afraid of the NSA logging that they have clicked-in to WikiLeaks; partly pure laziness of mind... and the smartest people are THE most likely to fall prey to mental laziness, BECAUSE they've never had to try hard to do well. Their mental laziness has been good-enough-for-government-work their whole lives.

Hilldawg is better than well-experienced in the types of perfidies needed to hold that post such that no one among her faithful would be assassinated. That isn't equal to she would be good for the environment, good for international relations, good for jobs, good for the poor, good for rule of law, good for any of the things you expect the president to be good for. She has experience ordering people to get DNA samples of world leaders and diplomats. She has experience seeing to it that weapons get to terrorists. She has experience facilitating the machinations of globalist psychopaths in their efforts to destabilize nation states in furtherance of their goals. She has experience getting paid handsomely to make oligarchs' business deals seem to pass muster without passing muster.

On any of the matters she really does have experience where we expect excellence, she has failed us abysmally. Any of them. All of them. The one thing we can expect from her in the performance of public office is failure. That's objectively so.

The Democratic Party is not the party of environmentalism. They talk that way. All those liberal and progressive issues you suppose they stand for, because you hear them talking about them, they don't stand for. That's objectively so.

There are no antiwar Democrats.

There are many antiwar Republicans.

That's objectively so.

This is not an endorsement of the Republican Party. All I can give them credit for is being less dishonest... more openly fuckheads... and not even half as blindly partisan as Democrats. I remember being gobsmacked that someone comforted Dubby that history would treat him well, but already Dubby is seeming to me something like an accidental fiend, an almost lovable, cuddly fiend, a remnant of the days when maybe even 20% of the time something like the truth came out the president's mouth.

Nosbaracktu stopped all that. He made it zero percent truth and 100% spin, but, damn, he was "presidential" about it, wunty? Still, he was smooth about it... no hate. Devoid of emotional content about everything... his tearful moments utterly transparent acts. A President Hilldawg would have been pure hate... many moments of undisguised ire and inappropriate ribaldry, and no moments of victory for people.

I'm telling you that all those celebrities and kids and media outlets are pitched full tilt at tearing down our country forever, spending this much energy on complete destruction, because they are thoroughly deluded. They have no moments of cognizance of actuality. They have no idea this is true and if you want to catch the brunt of their ire, just mention this to them.

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