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You have to constantly stay vigilant about the news. The psychopaths, as you are witnessing, did NOT take the loss of Hillary well. Controlling Trump is going to be a bitch for them. They can certainly do it, but they will have to risk exposure much more than they have in decades, and... there ARE indications that he knows this and is hedging against it.

I don't want to talk about this because fat fucks who fleece "smart" people for a living will lap it up and run with it... will sprinkle it into their shtick and charge you for it... but I want you playing with a full deck and there are fucking way too many of you for whom I have no email to just blast it out privately, and there is also the matter of posterity to consider.

My first whiff was when Denny Hastert was fingered and nailed... and other completely out-of-character exposures of Republican pervs and gangsters. It was not apocalyptic, but it was florid enough that I realized that powerful people were making sure Carl Rove never got his way. It was blinking neon.

First I thought it was factions of oligarchs, and in a way I still do, but not like I thought back then. It was seeming to me a fight between the traditional American power fuckers and the radical new international power fuckers.

No. It was insiders trying to clean the psychopaths out of control. I think they were as crestfallen that Nosbaracktu was as big a "neocon" as Darth Fudd ever was... bigger... smoother... more capable of hypnotizing the masses than ever in our history before, and it worked spectacularly well for entirely too long.

Some of us saw it pretty quickly and were not hypnotized by the skin color in the White House. That would mean those of us who are REALLY not racist. Not SJW-kind-of-racist or the old fashioned kind either. Just plain not racist, and not letting our desire for no racism get in the way of our desire for truth and justice.

The good part is that the insider resistance has grown much stronger over the last decade and has more heads of state on their team. This automatically increases the strength of good humans across the globe, and it broke the spell enough to get a completely non-politician, if not a squeaky clean one, elected President of the United States, and saved us from certain doom at the hands of an utterly unscrupulous machine.

Problem with all this is that psychopaths are extremely poor losers. And they kill and kill and kill with complete impunity when they have the reins. Just because they may not have the reins in the Oval Office very soon is not very comforting, but it is a marvelous start, in any case, even if Trump buckles.

So. Well. Here we are. The psychopaths are nuking as much of an ability to repair their dirty work as they can, and upping the incitements to global conflagration as they can pull off before the 20th, and you need to be looking at all these assassinations and plane crashes and bombings and terrorist attacks as part of that. They are THE most dangerous when cornered, and any slips now will release them from their corner.

The United States is NOT doing this, but those who ARE have been in complete control since 9/11. They were way too powerful before that, but that's when the gloves came off and the propaganda went full time and the destabilization efforts went into full time operation as well. Color revolutions. Islamist armies. Directed refugee flows. All of it.

You may witness a public flap about the president's security people soon. There have been rumblings, but it may turn into fascists working their media on it so as to strip him of real protection. I'm hard pressed to think of anyone more in need of real protection in our history, and I am NOT talking Secret Service.

Think about the level of security Putin has needed to maintain and continues to need in order to every day stay alive another day. He cannot be as trusting as Chavez was. He had to go full Castro very early in his tenure and still work ceaselessly for friendly relations.

He and Lavrov and Medvedev have maintained their dedication to truth through just outright uncountable inducements to lie since they convinced the psychopaths they were Russians, not puppets. Heroes all.

And the power structure in Iran. And India. And China.

So. No matter what you think of Erdogan, and I don't think anything of him anymore, it's apparent that somewhere in the complete mess of his leadership of Turkey, he realized who would be their real friends and who were psychopathic gangsters going to lynch him in the street if he didn't toe their line. He snapped out of the opulent inducements to grok actuality.

They won't let up on him even after the 20th, but they may have to when their Islamist armies are blown up, and their funding strangled off, and their weapons flow evaporated. See, good guys on the inside know which pipelines to pinch off. So long as they have not been exposed to the psychopaths' moles, they can do it. Once they're outed, they die right away and mostly you never even know about it.

Just think about them and love them and thank the cosmos for them. Weep for the dead, but don't let the mindfucks and terror make you lose your solidarity with everything decent and good, with the truth. The psychopaths are not beaten yet. They are still strong and it's going to be bloody until they are ruined.

pipe up any time....