something i still like a lot

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Is all the little side trips you can get on your way through the pipes every day. Walks down memory lane. Inspirations for spending some time floating in things lovable. Reminders about important stuff. People digging for truth and screaming about it to accidental surfers.

The bad outweighs the good if you are desperate for news... and seems to have gained weight exponentially since about summer 2016... since about when WikiLeaks got enough eyeballs on primary source documents everyone knows are authentic. That's when the shit hit the fan and the mindfucks are NOT blowing in every direction... they are all blowing in the SAME direction.

I want to melt down about how many complete idiots there are out there, but I think most of them work full time keep the flow from the fan aimed in that one direction. We have exponentially more people who can't pay their bills if they can't find a job, and a fuck ton of them are employed by Big Bottomless Bank Account.

So side trips start feeling golden.

pipe up any time....