fake news

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Seems like forever since we got the straight dope from the formerly-MSM. It's always unnamed sources and never true, takes varying lengths of time to get to the truth of whatever balderdash they are spraying all over the headlines and seems designed to upset the maximum number of people while it is keeping them completely in the dark about reality.

I think this is aimed at making people hate Trump and Putin more, with maybe the side benefit of making it harder for Trump to just nix any prosecution of Snowden and leave it on the down low.

The reason I feel certain this is more horse shit is because "making a present of Snowden" is not a Vladimir Putin move. It is a Bond Villain move. It is a dime store novel move. It's looking bad for my ability to argue with idiots about Putin's character because Google has made sure I get no returns proving my points anymore... or if they're still there somewhere they are buried really, really well.

Though it might be true Trump's mad at the people aligned against the psychopaths for putting him where he is right now, and even knowing they're the good guys might not be enough to keep out the resentment whenever he's worried about his own fate or that of his family.

I've been the most worried by truly intelligent people very clearly letting their partisan conditioning overrule their morals and their sense. It's not just inexperienced mini-adults being idiots. It's lawyers and doctors and other professionals too, and those are the people we need to help make this a great non-globalist administration. Instead, they've forgotten that their people have been slaughtering brown people daily for eight years and prefer now to let the survivors come in to get their booboos kissed while we install puppets in their native countries.

Most chilling part is they don't seem to understand they're doing it. They seem convinced of their virtue, and none see the sense in applying their energies toward making Trump a really good president. The only places energy is flowing is where George Soros' paid provocateurs create the structure and impetus for it.

Maybe I'm just being generous, but I think maybe David DeGraw learned his lesson with the Occupy a Park Near Wall Street debacle, figured it out, closed up shop and donated the Soros money to another charity. Or he's gone black. Or he found himself a real job and is keeping his nose down. But he was only one example of how that vampire gets his fangs into societies.

If a present could be made of somebody to a head of state, what about gifting George Soros to, say, Ayatollah Khamenei? Or maybe the people of Georgia? Maybe drop him in the Donbass?

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