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The insider resistance about which I have been so optimistic may well have opted to succumb to the inducements of a pretend-non-globalist faction of psychopaths... OR there is the need to seem that way. I don't know.

You might remember me going on about there seeming to be two factions of psychopaths back in the days of mystical exposures of Republican perverts that ruined Turd Blossom's aspirations for good, turned the whole congress Democrat and doomed McCain to having to pretend he was running against Nosbaraktu. Well that was supposed to be the scenario again this time, only WikiLeaks let us in on it, and on election day someone helped unrig rigged districts so that Trump could actually win.

The people with the power and in the positions to do this will be both minions of contending psychopaths and minions of a human insider resistance. I mean, first you oust the maniacs in control for the last eight years, and then you start weeding their vassals out of the federal work force, and then you start picking off the opposing psychopaths who helped overturn them... IF you are a relatively weak, and necessarily-profoundly-covert alliance of good guys.

So, we're still purging the Nosbaracktu psychopaths and appeasing the formerly-Turd-Blossom faction of psychopaths. This will either hold through Trump or will be dispatched after serving its purpose. I don't know.

Psychopaths are UNMATCHED in the cosmos for their ability to mindfuck ANYONE. So it could still be doom... or take SO long the replacement parts for fallen good guys won't even be lucid enough to know what to do anymore. Humans don't live long enough to combat the ever-worsening level of character and intelligence in the succeeding generations... and that has been the stated goal of psychopaths for well over a century.

Only thing that gives me hope is that Trump talked this shit before he was elected, but still the Killdawg-truth documentation flowed as fast and hard as it could. I'm dead certain the dispositive precincts in the rust belt states were rigged in advance and then unrigged in time to deny Nosbaracktu II... that she was either given the wrong numbers for her rigging or people intervened before election day... and her supposed popular vote victory is also bogus.

I think his victory was an uncomfortable surprise to him, and that good guys using the other psychopath faction are running this runaway train... or think that's what they're doing... when imperative number one for all psychopaths is to gain control of their opposition... and have never not been many jumps ahead of it.

YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING THIS RIGHT NOW, but if you're not, I'll link it when the video uploads, because AJ is talking about the vote rigging and about the mass arrests of pedophile networks... and heaven knows what will come out of his mouth next.

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