i know it's crazy

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And it might be Hugo Boss, or the photographer, or both, or those along with a sort of quality of mood or manliness, but that damn image is one of the best I've ever seen. Germans have always been better than most mortals at just about everything they do, and they act like it, and I've owed my life to it a couple times, so maybe that comes into play here, too. I just hate how our knees are programmed to bash us in the chin the instant the word "Hitler" comes into our air.

That's the worst of anything... the knee... the broken chin bones.

There are masses of people nowadays who are beside themselves with rage about certain perfidies by certain races, and there is a huge push to stifle them, or oust them from polite company, or jail them for expressing their wrath even in the most civilized terms. This is not racism.

Racism is when you hate or deem inferior a whole race for being that race. Just because everybody who is the proximate cause of you fearing for your wife or mother or kids at large in your own town happens to be an Arab or North African, does not mean you are a xenophobe. Just because a large percentage of Zionists are Jews, doesn't mean that reviling Zionism is anti-Jew. If you fear or deplore or just plain can't hang with homosexuality or this optional gender identity business, it doesn't mean you are a mean-spirited bigot who wants to oppress them.

The "lefty" legions out there insisting on this shit call themselves highly-educated and tolerant, and their mildest rebuke is to call you an uneddicated hick. They are highly-indoctrinated and transcendentally-intolerant, and as dangerous to our society as Hitler ever was to Germany's.

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