it's a scary time

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But now is when the rats can be flushed out of the shadows and dealt with. The more they oppose Trump, try to force him into making a fatal mistake, the more they get flushed out of the shadows and their malignant activities halted. I do believe this is what Trump's supporters are doing... and he is willing to front for them.

No matter what you think of him, that is heroic and what I've been waiting for in a president for too long. I'm not wild about a bunch of his policies, but looking more deeply into them, they are definitely not AS awful as they seemed on their face... AND they are ALL geared toward reversing the devastating effect neocon policy has had on our country.

It might be hubris or vainglory that got him into this fix, but with every passing day it is shown clearly that it is COURAGE keeping him going. I think if enough clearheaded adults look at this more closely, they will agree and settle down.

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