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There is a perfectly handy source for the TRUTH... right here... and they are short and concise and do NOT say what the media is telling you they say! They are perfectly lawful and reasonable executive orders to his department and agency heads.

The psychopaths OWN all the major media outlets and they are causing mayhem over conveying truth. There are thugs in the streets with black masks and baseball bats. "Antifascist" BROWNSHIRTS. Make it stop!

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is the first chance we've had to get our country back since they splattered JFK all over Dealey Plaza. Even if we don't like some of the means he's using to get it done, we can fix what's wrong CONSTITUTIONALLY when he has succeeded.

This is more psychedelic than it's EVER been.


Boycotting the fake news online and in meatspace would be a start... and DEMANDING better information from trusted sources, even if it means helping them hire somebody to help, would also be smart. Or getting WikiLeaks flush enough to have people reporting on and linking particular documents would also be a huge help.

As it is, it's too daunting for almost everybody to spend the needed time and brainpower and essential chi to get the information out of the raw materials such that one really grasps what IS going on. Yes, journalists are supposed to be doing that, but OBVIOUSLY they will be FIRED if they do that instead of put out horrific spin and propaganda and heavily deceitful FAKE NEWS they have to walk back AFTER IT'S DONE ITS DAMAGE and those filthy pig fuckers will burn us down before they will stand for us getting back in control of our country.

I may have to retire to a mountain cave, go full zen on your ass, soon.

pipe up any time....