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On the one hand, it tends to give weight to Engdhal's theory that Trump is just the psychopaths needing to pull back, regroup, build our economy back up to afford the final push for global domination, and on the other it tends to highlight the wisdom of the Putin/SCO strategy of just enduring ALL provocations to WWIII until we ran out of money to engage in it. Both hands seem to contain at least some relief from the fears of global conflagration, but I'm mistrustful of this information.

For many, many years the F-35 has been loudly proclaimed a madly expensive disaster that all attempts to fix have failed, yet only a couple weeks ago Donald was bragging about how far down he got the price for a bunch of these supposedly-deathtrap planes, and so, as I've mentioned a few times before, either the public grousing about this abortion model fighter has all been a pack of lies designed to make Russia and China stupid, or it has been true, they never plan to use them, but now want the world to think we're going to use them.

All I can say is I think there may still be people on earth who will not be deceived by the intricate workings of Monopoly money, even though it is still buying terrorist groups and provocateurs in proliferation, by dint of American military installations in almost every corner of the globe. The psychopaths have some pretty serious weaponry few know about to fall back on, but if they fall back on it, the cat is all the way out of the bag instead of only poking its nose through a little rip in its side, and that will mean a complete loss of the trillions generated by Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Cancer and other modes of our enslavement.

So they won't resort to it again unless they can withstand the chaos still alive and fed and in luxury. It isn't going to be nukes... or not many. They don't want to kill the planet. They want to rule the world, and preferably one that will easily be restored to paradise. They can't kill everybody and accomplish this, but it is now and will remain optimal for psychopaths if the human lifespan is shortened and strength weakened and mental faculties scrambled enough that we will only be able to concentrate on survival until they kill us.

In other words, we have to stay mindfucked and weak, unable to grow into our potential, forever. What insight we might yet enjoy will mostly heighten our suffering, surrounded by the delusory world pounding people to pulp, and being powerless save people from their own inability to access the fundamentally real.

The denizens of Out There crank out phantasmagorical story after phantasmagorical story to distract themselves from this fact, and they are the lucky ones whose every synapse isn't too heavily engaged in the project of keeping a family alive, zoning out in front of the boob tube until the alarm clock wakes them for another day at the grindstone, to entertain themselves thus.

It never had to be this way.

Greed got you here.

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