yeah, let me make it plain

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Of course it is! Some of you may remember Granny Fussbudget's persnickety little thing about what he calls "the topological metaphor", right? That's the old business about the moment an infinitude of absolute nothing "splits". He didn't come up with that either, just this term for it.

This "split" makes three infinitudes of absolute nothing... the split line and the spaces on either side of it... and he has a whole topological theory of how we get here from there. If you've listened to him much, you know all this... or should have put it together that this is what he was talking about. Either.

I asked him if this was what he meant, and he said it was. He wanted me to tell him my understanding of it. I said it was an infinitude of absolute undifferentiated nothing for however long, short or infinite eternities, and the "split" came when that entirety of absolute nothing suddenly became aware of itself.

See THE problem with nothing is that it is a thing... just like no one is someone... only less complicated. Anyway, that instant of awareness created the three, and it has been infinitudes of absolute nothing realizing [actualizing] themselves fractal-wise that has produced this cosmos.

Anyway, he wanted to know how I know that. Easy. If I am aware now, conscious now, it could not have been else. That "split" made me, made everything. Everything... animal, vegetable, mineral... is conscious.

And a thousand bodhisattva's are on a bank of flower garlands agreeing with this... so I'm not proposing anything new here. The ancients never got off this subject, and if you work hard enough, you end up understanding them.

We are starstuff. Starstuff is us. EVERYTHING is made of it. The universe is made of what we are made of. We are electrical beings. We are light beings. We are holographic beings. So is the cosmos. Because nothing woke up.

Be all that as it may, and it is, that little fuck used my answer to this question in an interview recently, WITHOUT MENTIONING I WAS HIS SOURCE, so when I bitch about him not really being such a stickler for footnoting, for sourcing, as he never fails to remind us, he's pulling the wool over your eyes, okay?

You've all got to make it a trillion times more difficult than it is, cause all this goddam trouble, and what I've just told you is the whole of it, okay?

pipe up any time....