a more sober assessment

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If the buffering doesn't drive you mad. It was plain that Nosbaracktu was very busy covering his tracks in his last months in office, but I wasn't clear on what he was doing. Now I am... or as clear as I care to be anyway. He has amply demonstrated his audacity and there is no doubt about it for me anymore, but the bit I'd like to bring up refers to my insider resistance theory.

A bunch of stuff has come out about an alternative faction of the deep state beating the I'm-With-Her juggernaut. So far as I can tell, that's all from pundits who can't credit that anyone principled has anything to do with politics anywhere, and that no people in any government are ever, under any circumstances, willing to risk their job, let alone life and limb, for decency to prevail... not even when they see their fellows being dropped just for holding the wrong position at the wrong time.

Those pundits are too jaded to be useful to the truth anymore.

I'm not saying Trump and his people are all 100% squeaky clean paragons of patriotism and sound Christian morals, but I am saying there has been a clear image of a real resistance popping up and abounding many highly consequential news stories for at least a decade now. Maybe most notable when Hastert got busted suddenly and Dubby's spiritual advisor was exposed as having a penchant for gay coke dealers, and again with the missing nukes thing, and again with the unauthorized nukes thing.

MAYBE that was all the mafia, the one that hails from Sicily, Trump's friends, putting their foot down, or maybe that was this insider resistance whose existence keeps billowing up from the margins next to my eyeprints on freakish news stories. Which do you think? Or maybe we can consider that the mafia backs Trump, but the resistance got the straight dope on Hillary to the people, lost some operatives to that endeavor, and is directing the president in the order of priorities in swamp draining.

I know we have an entirely fresh crop of nihilistic young fucks who are paid to express their outrage. I do not agree that in these times of no opportunity for young people it is okay for them to take money to do this. Sorry. I know that sounds too glib to pass up, but fuck you. Not okay. But it is taking place, and it is escalating... which would not be happening if this deep state factions blather were true.

If it were only a fight between nationalist and globalist psychopaths, the nationalists would immediately have wiped out the Soros Family Machine, simultaneously with the State Department lizards, rats and moles. No cogent argument works against this point.

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