and he reiterated it again at house intel two days ago

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It has been bothering me all along. Seems to say lethal people are in charge of the DNC and that Comey can only go so far before his life turns to shit... like maybe even dead. And it may even be the same lethal people he mentioned seemed to have gone out of their way to make sure we identified Russia as hacking their servers... just not Russia, as he made out in the hearing.

I mean, HOW can he say "Russia did it" when he has NOT seen the servers? Little shit like that keeps escaping us.

And do you even realize how the CIA was formed? Have you listened to Granny Fussbudget repeating ad nauseam that we took Nazi intelligence whole after WWII because they were the means to fight the Soviets. NPR even has a cleaned up version of it:
On U.S. intelligence using Nazis as spies

There were upwards of a thousand Nazis who were used by U.S. intelligence after the war by the CIA, the FBI, the military and other U.S. intelligence agencies — both in Europe as well as inside the United States, in Latin America, in the Middle East, even a few in Australia. And these were seen as basically cold warriors who served as spies, informants and in other intelligence roles.

On whether it was an official policy to bring in Nazis as spies

I think it was ad hoc. It was not a formal policy approved by the White House or even [Director Allen] Dulles at the CIA to say, "We are going to actively recruit Nazis, their pasts be damned."

There's no document that I found which gives blanket authority for that. But it grew sort of organically because you had whole networks of Nazi spy groups in Europe ... as well as the Middle East and Latin America, and often these guys made it into the United States sort of one by one.
But, whatever, the OSS was mothballed and the CIA was born.

President Kennedy may be dead because he said he wanted to splinter it into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds. We still have the problem that caused him to say that, and, no, it's not the same men, it's the ones who replaced the Nazis and serve the children of the ones who brought them here to begin with... the ones who created the Nazis to begin with... American fascists.

So you might understand why I am having trouble keeping a bead on what tightrope Comey is walking, but I still do think that bit about Russia being "loud" about their hacking, was a reference to the Vault 7 information, that what we're calling "Russia" is not Russia at all, and he knows it full well.

Seriously. Vladimir Putin is NOT a stupid man. No way would he allow hackers to be "loud" about fooling with DNC servers or Podesta's email or any of the other servers that might be in question here. No way.

So we are experiencing this ornate and way louder than hacking mass mindfuck to make everyone think Russia is our enemy and Putin is an evil man... because Hillary lost the election and the Nazis are not at the helm. They're still very powerful, obviously, but they're not in the White House and they are not heading up agencies, except insofar as they can intimidate agency heads into cooperating.

Just, please, help me help people to stop being so stupid.

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