better'n poke in eye with sharp stick

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Considering sources. I'm fed up with the sedition. I'm frightened by how much sense otherwise good people cede to a need to seem like reasonable people to the dirt ignorant and psychedelically-deluded masses. The thing about truth is that it can't be couched in "acceptable" terms without risk of communicating total garbage that does not approximate what needed communicating.

Each of us needs to be able to SEE for ourselves or nothing good comes of us. This is not the fault of others, ultimately, so much as it is our responsibility, each, to cut through the mindfucks and accord with fundamental reality.

Glenn, here, gets closer to stating it without the usual horse shit. Ignore the twat with the stupid name on the stupid network, and be glad it got aired at all... and don't then just return to letting Glenn tell you what's right and wrong, because he is NOT pure either... just extremely bright and more inclined to honesty than most. That's good, and better than most deserve, but it's still tainted and delusory if you don't stay on your toes.

As for the sedition, I've completely lost patience with it. Fuck your political leanings. You agitate in ANY way for those KILLERS over our duly-elected president, no matter WHAT kind of crap, real or imagined, comes of his administration, and you are beneath consideration in my country.

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