comey testifying live

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I will replace the link with the permanent one if necessary.

He's right now in the middle of stating that he told some of the leaders, but isn't going to say dick about certain topics to the people. Only prudent. Same blather as ever. Fucking moronic congressional minuets take over half their productive time... or to be clear, they do no work whatever over half the time. But maybe Comey will open his mouth on enough to help us get a better idea.


I switched out the crap Fox News stream with NPR's, and you can watch from the beginning on C-SPAN here.

Although, I must tell you, there is a GREAT DEAL of grandstanding by the Democratic members here, basing their anti-Putin shit on "media reports", which have all proven to have been spurious, but there are idiots everywhere whose brains will skip over that fact, that "media reports" aren't things serious people can rely on anymore.

Plus, you have idiots elected to represent their constituencies going on ad nauseam about Ukrainian politics to try to impugn their political rivals, and some dumpy broad reading a script trying to blast General Flynn into prison for talking to a Russian Ambassador, just like everyone else in both campaigns and in office does.

It's FILTHY shit going on here, and all I've gotten so far is that the FBI, DoJ and NSA all say Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta and got it to WikiLeaks through cutouts... and while they did mention the GCHQ allegations, NO mention of how GCHQ could have hacked Trump for Obama without anyone officially asking them... OR how the CIA could easily have produced all the "evidence" on which they base their assessment that Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta.

It also irks the snot out of me how the Democrats continue to talk about the DNC and Podesta as though they are parts of our government. They are civilian psychopaths whose entire raison d'ĂȘtre is to inhabit our government and ignore the constitution to advance the interests of criminals.


Witnesses both chiming in that the big difference in Russian interference with our elections this time was how "loud" they were about it, how little they seemed to care about being found out, almost as though they wanted us to know who was doing it.

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