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My mother always inveighed against my love of western Washington, said I would hate the nearly ceaseless rain. I never thought that was very important. It's only water. But maybe now I'm finally getting too old to prevail against the elements because it's now been five full months of almost no letup from the rain... some very short windows of mostly dry enough to travel or go grocery shopping safely and the rest has been solid wetness.

101 is shrinking south of me... starting to get to the point where not even one lane travel will be doable... crews there 24/7 to insure motorists don't drop into the ocean. Plus snow on top of all the accidents and downed trees and slides on all the other highways leading over the mountain passes out of here.

I mean, I'm kind of proud that Del Norte County has held up this well against all this, but the stretch of 101 between here and Trinidad, which is still northern Humboldt County, has always been tough going, not for wimps, some serious coastal white knuckle driving, not for wimps, not for wimps, not for wimps, and a great deal of that stretch has not stopped being under construction for a decade. I think it was back to perfect for a few days before this rainy season, but it was so short it doesn't really count.

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