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And maybe you could do with a meditation on how we got to leadership and government so bent on disseminating barnswoggle, how we got a government completely without the much heralded checks and balances, where any lizard could sneak in and create havoc.

If yer stumped, it's right here:
The case, Chevron U.S.A. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, involved the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to issue a rule under the Clean Air Act. Congress can expressly authorize agencies to make rules on one topic or another under current Supreme Court doctrine. Yet even when Congress does not expressly authorize rule making, agencies often make rules to clarify ambiguities or silences in laws in order to enforce them. They do this by interpreting the language used by Congress.

In such circumstances, according to Chevron, judges must defer to an agency’s interpretation, at least if it is within the range of permissible interpretations. In that way, agencies can make binding rules — essentially, can make law — on the theory that they are merely interpreting statutes, and under Chevron, judges generally cannot second-guess agency interpretations. In the case itself, the court found the E.P.A.’s interpretation of the law reasonable and upheld the rule.

The constitutional questions about Chevron focused for decades on the problem of separation of powers. But the debate has turned to deeper concerns about judicial independence and bias.
[Emphasis and corrected form mine.]

I was too busy working my fingers to the bone in 1984 to realize this had happened, and by the time I got around to bitching about bureaucrats enforcing shit that was nowhere in code or caselaw, no one was around to tell me how that happened... or how it seemed judges didn't have any discretion left.

Point being: A psychopath can punch any directive or batch of spurious information into this seething glob of malfunctioning and get what it wants from it. It wants global taxes... and whether or not anything we've done has added to climate change — in the normal course of our lives, or from psychopathic meddling — nobody lucid is going to have their say in this unless we make it happen.

Humanity cannot move forward under these strictures, only psychopaths.

Do you grok what I'm trying to tell you?

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