miracle in a skin bag

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And globalist shills are trying to take him down.

See what happens when you view everything through the lens of identity? Ego? Not only are you transcendentally out of touch with actuality, you are supremely easy to manipulate into participating in heinous acts. Could this be what I'm always yelling at you about?

You think it's "open-minded" to read the news and surf the system of pipes and agree to be inclusive... and maybe you deplore these fucks or maybe you like them or maybe you do not care... but you are still failing to uphold reasonable action based on fundamental reality. You can't SEE the fundamentally-real, the truth, through identity, let alone identity politics.

The point here has always been:


You've been trained from earliest childhood to mistake it, and you can't make it up! You have a real identity but would not recognize it if it belted you in the teeth with an iron chain. It's been belting you in the teeth like that your whole life, and you have not taken the lesson.

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