"press conference"

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I just listened to the whole thing and I don't know what he said. Maybe after I've had more coffee and some food my brain will kick in. Sleep disorders can be seriously serious impediments to all bodily systems. Anything of meatspace is scrambled by them.

So I'm 100% here and completely addled simultaneously.

6:30pm last night, I was almost out the door to get some mandatory items, when I was overcome with the need to sleep. Barely could get stripped in time to be in bed for it. I was OUT until 10:30pm. Pouring rain. So I ended up going down to Safeway in Crescent City at 1:30am, when the rain had lightened up and taken something of a pause.

I was back asleep as the sun was rising and didn't wake up until noon thirty today... except for the pharmacy computer calling to yammer at me somewhere in there. It can't keep itself from nagging me about shit I already know is hanging fire... doesn't grok that I'm not going to leave my thyroid hormone in their bin when I have to take it every day.

It called me the other day about refilling my prescription... like it needed me to confirm my thyroid's still dead.

A human would know all this, and would also know for sure not to call me in the morning about anything requiring a lucid response, but, no, the pharmacy expects me to absorb some of their costs of doing business and still pay.

pipe up any time....