the problem with great men

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Beside the fact that they die, is that not even they can find suitable replacements for themselves. I do not think that ego is the problem either. What made them so great was that their love was bigger than their egos. It's just flat out the eternal problem of the scarcity of great humans.

I don't mean to impugn Maduro. I'm sure he's done his level best against staggering odds, but those odds have been known to stagger for a long time, long before he was even born. He needed to be ready for it.
People are demonstrating in Venezuela after the country's Supreme Court took over legislative duties from the National Assembly, a move that some critics say pushes the country closer to autocratic rule underneath President Nicolas Maduro, reports the BBC.

The transfer of power effectively renders the elected legislative body useless, a body that had been dominated by the president's political opponents.
He cannot but have had every possible indication of the necessity to see shit coming and halt it before it got any stronger, and then, no matter what, not fear drastic measures so much the staggering got this strong.

And now he's let himself be pushed even further than they pushed Putin to make him boot out the NGOs and outlaw unlicensed protest. Since the moment of the great man's death, the psychopaths have been stuffing every corner of Venezuela with their puppets, and with Maduro the problem really may be his ego, the blindness it fosters. He may really have believed Hugo's endorsement of him was all he needed to carry on the great hope of the Bolivarian Republics.

I've been hard on Correa for losing heart when Chavez died, but it really may have been that he could tell already that Maduro couldn't cut it. Evo seems to have retreated into presidenting Bolivia in his truly brilliant style, except I don't know how much of this I believe.
March 31 (UPI) -- Bolivia's President Evo Morales was scheduled to undergo surgery Friday in Cuba to remove a small, benign tumor in his larynx.

Morales, 57, left the central Bolivian city of Cochabamba for a flight to Cuba after midnight Friday and the surgery was planned at a military hospital in western Havana, said Rene Martinez, Bolivian presidential minister, in a statement on Cuban television Friday.

"The team of doctors determined the flu symptoms he experienced over the last few days aren't present anymore and he's cleared to have the surgery on Friday," said Martinez, who traveled with Morales to the Cuban capital.

Earlier this week, Bolivian Health Minister Ariana Campero said the tumor is on the left side of Morales' vocal box. He won't be allowed to speak for at least 48 hours after the surgery.

"I'm sorry to have to leave the country for reasons already known," the president said Thursday during a ceremony to hand over running of the government to Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera. Morales said he will be in frequent contact with the temporary leader.

Morales said his doctors believe it is "not a serious issue."

"I have no pain in my throat, just a hoarseness," the president said.

In January, the socialist leader said he began to experience hoarseness after a long speech to commemorate his 11 years in power. The hoarseness became a bigger problem after weekly addresses.

Earlier this month, he underwent emergency treatment for dysphonia, sinusitis and abdominal pain, and that's when the tumor was found.

Doctors recommended Morales, the first president of Bolivia who is a member of an indigenous tribe, have the surgery in Cuba.
The creepy coincidences of cancers in South America are just too damn Dr. Mary's Monkey for me. You can't say "tumor" and "virus" in the same article, even if you throw in the word "benign", and expect to keep the bells from going off in my brain.

And I don't see any other lights twinkling for the other America anymore.

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