this is why you don't send your kids to classical schools anymore

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They only turn the kids off learning for real and indoctrinate them to think what the establishment wants them to think... turn them into adults who can't recover from their jobs becoming outmoded every decade or so.

And I don't think Trump is ignorant about this either, that it's just his old fashioned ways talking outmoded business sense. Nope. I think he is sincere, but I also think he plans to get most of the jobs on an infrastructure upgrade. The problem with that is ONLY that he's trying to get private interests to pay for most of it, which means things like toll roads and local taxes and higher fees for things relying on airports and dams and bridges to get to the end users.

That's too damn capitalist... and not giving the little guy an even break.

Admiral Janeway once cautioned that when we saw countries getting into tariff wars, that would be the start of WWIII, and people seem to think Trump is headed that way, but I seem to think he's freaking them out so their relief when they give him what he actually wants will make them feel pleasantly disposed toward us again.

I say this because I think I see Tillerson giving China its way out of financial ruin by getting vivid about North Korea. I think I see Perry and Tillerson giving OPEC and Russia their way out of financial ruin, too, though that isn't the way others are painting it. I think this may be Trump's way of saying he thinks Putin's idea about us all getting along and trading with each other instead of fighting is a good idea.

He won't live long if he doesn't drain the swamp enough to do these things, and I think he's draining as fast as he can.

I even think his aim was to kill Ryan's career today, while keeping, and maybe gaining, party support in the bargain. I know, I know, it doesn't look that way on its face, but I am ever-mindful of the difficulty of prizing those lizard fingers from the levers of power and, of course, their triggers.

He's got to look like a classic Republican bulldozer who gives a shit about workers in order to keep enough friends to dismantle the globalist power centers, and make us into one of many nations [under the North Pole] with liberty and peaceful trade for all.

The odds are still against success, and maybe I just need refuge in the dream of decency, but Green Acres and the kid at the wheel of a Mack truck... and I've never seen any president work this hard to keep his word, let alone against this much flak, in my whole life.



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