trump didn't nix that kill list

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I am outraged.


And he hasn't changed the Obama slaughtering policy either.

I am running out of my willingness to trust him to do the right thing... and starting to see how he might just be there to help the psychopaths afford to start WWIII... whether he knows that's what he's there for or not.


I suppose there's a remote chance Trump means it and will not prioritize the ouster of Assad, just honestly get rid of the psychopath-backed Islamist fighters instead of using our presence as an excuse to bomb hospitals and Syrian troops, but it feels way too iffy to me... when they keep following Nosbaractu's blueprint.

I've been emailing back and forth with BB2 about the state of things today and he mentioned he'd love to see Ryan booted out of the Speakership. My reply:
Me too!

Oddly, I’m starting to wish Trump would COMPLETELY stop trying to appease the Republicans AND the nonpartisan psychopaths, FIRE all the political appointees and especially his chief of staff, replace the VP with Bernie, and start the overhaul BIGLY, YUGELY.

He’s going to have to have an army of security around him while he does it though… maybe Putin would send in his military.

AND shut down all the weaponized media… let’s not forget that part.

With today’s WikiLeaks release there can’t be ANY doubt left in any honest person’s mind what’s going on here, and we need help really, really, really, badly.
Trump needs me to get him out of his muddle.

pipe up any time....