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California has been grossly mismanaging its funds for decades and though they seem to have come to some sort of agreement to throw less than half of what's needed for decades overdue infrastructure work at the problem, they're talking spreading that less than half over a decade to come.

Stop me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that leave us at least as bad off or even worse off, over all, than now for another ten years? I'm not big on math, but I think that is what they're saying... in terms that sound like the problem is being fixed.

This is even worse than our gasoline that ruins our cars to seem as though it gives off fewer emissions. It does if you measure it by the gallon, but when you measure it by the mile it actually puts more pollution into our air. Because it lowers gas mileage by so much that the lower emissions still add up to more toxic air for anyone to get from Point A to Point B in their car.

It looks good on paper, though, so, of course, the mismanagement is all for it.

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