a big duh

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Since our psychopaths were the ones making it possible for Europe's psychopaths to function at all, there can not have been any doubt about this no matter how patriotically we cling to the valor of our forces in WWII. Still, there has appeared to be not just doubt, out outright denial.

How does this mentality contrary to sense always take the day?

I think people prefer relief from the truth to living up to it.

Ergo the millions of inducements to relieve ourselves of it. That wins the day every time. EVERY time... and too bad about us little truthniks pining away for a real world until we're dead. Maybe we can leave behind a legacy for future weirdos to grapple with, or maybe we can't. Maybe our existential predicaments became so untenable we couldn't, or our meat sacks became so unreliable we couldn't, or what we managed to leave was too frangible to reach the right descendants.

As regards this big fat duh of a story, notwithstanding the fact that it was a bad scene, a horrible scene, it was never as bad as it's been made out to be over the last seventy-plus years by the descendants of the Zionists who helped Hitler pull it off, but if you think the allies were all unknowing about the insanity taking place, you're an idiot.

The object was the same as ever, to create enough guilt to blackmail advantage out of everyone who could provide it. That has never changed. Even those who knew this was the truth and the driving mechanism throughout their history, those who almost stamped it out, as has happened many times over the centuries, knew it would never stop until they were all dead, ended up failing.

They failed in WWII because guilt-tripping bloodsuckers serve psychopaths extremely well. They are the tentacle that can never be chopped off by humans. Like a lizard's tail, it never fails to grow back.

The lynchpin, the mechanism, the machine so odious itself, is money. None of it can work if there's no such thing as money. If you really stop to consider this deeply, however long that takes you, you will arrive at the truth of this. Every one of your least laudable inclinations is exploited to keep you literally unable to break this hold.

I have been telling anyone who would listen to me about this for fifty-one years. Every single one of them finally arrived at the question of what would keep people working, keeping our civilizations going, if there was no such thing as money, or even barter, because barter is the same as money. The answer was always the same, and remains the same.

Self-respect, self-esteem, the knowledge that your efforts, whatever they may be, are valuable to others, et voila, an automatic meritocracy where no one has to worry about government or spin doctors or psychopaths because all they'd have to gain wouldn't be worth the effort to them, they'd lose the means to avoid producing actual merit and be left with the choice between fending for themselves and feigning humanity until they died.

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