another dream

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OMFG another nap slammed me to the pavement for about three hours this afternoon... that thing where the phase four and REM deficit will not let me do any other thing. My right shoulder is hurting me big when it gets in certain positions and I had to pavement slam onto my left one.

Again, just enough time to strip before lights out... on with the curtains drawn... whatever. There in the fetal position on my left side, and unremitting sense of intensity taking place in strange rooms, where I seemed to be living with the wrong people, but trying to be affable about it anyway.

It kept changing people, but it was my sister twice. Once when she completely ignored me, and then another time when I was asking her if she had a dog making that mess on the carpet. She stood and stared at me, half material sister and half inky cosmos, not really menacing, but a sort of mix of anger and melancholy glaring defiance and disdain. I was in a pickle. I was paralyzed in the intense fetal position even in the dream.

In fact, from the first split second of it until I was finally really awake and putting my clothes back on, I kept faking myself out dreaming I was awakening, and then having to admit again that I was still dreaming while I was dreaming and alternating between a sort of discarnate wandering of rooms and my paralysis. That's how the dog mess was known to me. I really even did check my memory to see if I hadn't gotten a dog of my own I was forgetting.

Then the buildings went back to being part yard and part building, and Herman's snotty wife showed up. I made as though I were happy to see her and ran up and hugged her, exclaiming that she'd somehow gotten taller... no it was her new boots, some antique jobs she'd gotten at the flea market that had four-inch block heels on them. Then Herman showed up and we did a funny dance together that had everybody at the event laughing.

I saw some gorgeous, fairyland, flowers in small pitchers as we were dancing... the prettiest I'd ever seen. When we were done, I saw they were gone and asked where the pretty flowers in the little pitchers had gotten to. Someone called down from upstairs that they'd been sold, but she could make me another pitcher.

I just said, "No, I'd just wanted one of the flowers."

Then I woke up for real.

And this link was waiting for me from BB2. A mix of good and bad news. Good news that it upends public physics and bad news that they go on to talk applying it to horse shit physics.

Be all that as it may, just the new finding, if it's real and not just more hype for more funding, should provide some hours of engaging imagining and checking our own minds for the music of truth.

pipe up any time....