back in the sixties

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I remember feeling so positive about the Freedom of Information Act. The memory of the particulars, of course, is muddled, but I'm not muddled about my feelings at the time. I felt this signaled the advance of our country into a golden age of true human probity. I was very young... and notwithstanding his horrible death, a die hard JFK fan.

Which reminds me... people have taken to referring to his Secret Societies speech as his Anti-Communism speech... as though to discredit us conspiracy theorists from thinking JFK gave two fucks about the little cabals of psychopaths working to subvert decency for fun and profit.

No, you boneheads. It might sound incoherent to you that he would start out dissing communism and then wind up dissing secrecy and secret societies if you don't attribute it to him accusing communists of all this dire shit, but who do you think created communism to begin with?

And do you really think he was clueless about that?

It wasn't secret cabals of communists plotting against capitalists. It was secret cabals of capitalists plotting to create the mechanisms by which they might most efficiently drain our blood.

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