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Even as, yes, Benjamin Fulford is batshit crazy, he's monster smart and does know a lot of good sources. I remember him pointing out that Putin was fully onboard with his, maybe fantastical, White Dragon Society. When you are dealing with crazy people who know stuff, the genius kind, you need to decode. This one was easy, for me anyway, since I'd done so much research on Putin. He was saying Putin is a good guy... a solid plus for humanity.

Maybe it's silly to use Ben as backup for this, but somehow he comes to mind. You guys can go to all the news about Tillerson meeting with Putin and Lavrov, and listen to their press release, and read the headlines about Russia vetoing the bullshit NATO at the UN Security Council. They have been the voice of sanity in the world since Putin took office, and they are not stopping now.

I am grateful.

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