i smell a rat

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You see, I've read a lot of Idries Shah, including his accounts of the tunnels and caverns in the mountains, and the targeting for this supposed mother of all bombs had me extremely suspicious about the physics involved in believing that to be successful droppage.

Okay, okay, I'm just mistrustful, and maybe they did have tunnels running under the bottom of that mountain valley, and maybe the mother blast could travel up into the caverns via the route taken by people traveling through those tunnels.

Certainly, if they were dependent on them to get out, they're fucked... assuming, of course, the tunnels did run down the mountains and under the valley... and those fucking awesomely hearty and intelligent Afghanis were so creative as to run tunnels that counterintuitively. Good strategy, if they did, I guess.

So but now we have images of the aftermath of this mother detonating.

Does anybody else see what I see? And not see what I don't see?

And how the fuck can you count bodies hit by this purported mother?

Am I being a bitch again?

pipe up any time....