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Yes, it's still raining almost every day... beyond six months of almost no letup now. There are currently fifteen lane closures between me and my nearest couch surfing option, and two complete closures which makes it closer than the normally nearest. And instead of counting, I'm only noticing that there has not been a day without major accidents on 101 between here and those couches.

Murders and burglaries are way up in Humboldt County this year, too. Since my little insight over the racks of bones at the pharmacy the other day, I'm guessing that's heading for here, too, soon enough, and I'm extrapolating that out into the big question on everybody's minds.

Why is Trumpery suddenly the War President? I mean, beside the fact that the psychopaths will kill his kids. Only thing between us and a blatantly-noticable collapse is all the florid media hype making it look like he's going for the Literally Hitler Prize, a kinky twist on the old if-you-can't-beat-'em-join-'em gig.

And if our strike group is actually there, that would be to stop fatso from sending out any worrying craft, and for sure the Chinese have the other side covered. Plus, Americans and South Koreans massed at the DMZ and Chinese and Russians massed at their northern border too.

Nobody wants floods of completely mindfucked and beyond completely unequipped for the rest of the world refugees flooding out of North Korea. Nobody. Kim thinks he's a porcupine but he's a blob of goo, and his entire country will be a haven for political reformers and teachers and humanitarian aid until they can be brought into the third millennium... just like our full spectrum dominance attack porcupines need to be bankrupted and sent to re-education camps before they can bluff anyone into WWIII.

That has been the SCO's plan for well over a decade. I hope they don't lose their heads. Yeah, we're back to hoping they don't lose their heads, because ours are gone.

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