it got worse last night

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It was bad enough, but:
Sometime during the night, the slide six miles north of Leggett which has closed U.S. Highway 101 in Mendocino County dumped more material onto the roadway.

The amount of debris from last night’s slide may be equivalent to or even exceed the amount that initially came down the hillside and closed the roadway.

We’re still working to open the highway up to one-way traffic control as quickly as possible; our contractor will still be working through daylight hours as much as worker safety permits. Due to the hazardous nature of the work and the slide’s demonstrated instability, it is unsafe for perform debris removal work during nighttime hours at this time.

There is still no estimated time of reopening. As was the case yesterday, any rumors of one-way traffic resuming today will be false.
And it snowed on 36 last night, and it snowed on 299 last night, but it seems to have melted on 199 last night... which seems odd because you'd think it would be colder north and warmer south.

It poured down very hard all day yesterday, slowed a bit for a couple hours in the evening, and then resumed the steady hard downpour and threw in some impressive thunder just for good measure. Might be that a cold front was hitting Humboldt dead on and pushing out the warmer air north and south of it. Probably.

pipe up any time....