mental conditioning

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It's powerful, turns you into a creature of your time. Turns you into their creature of our time. Thinking outside the box — tv, internet, anything written or printed on a rectangular surface, any room containing an authority figure or celebrity — is next to impossible for humans. And even when we think we are rebels, renegades, we are only the same on the other pole.

Take antifa, brownshirts reincarnate, fighting fascism.

It gets that ludicrous. It is that ludicrous.

You have to understand that head trips, opinions, social standing, where you are on the hierarchy, pro or con, for or against, you are in a prison with bars stronger than iron, made out of a state-of-the-art alloy better known as thin air. I have been known to liken your prison to a regular one where you don't notice the cell door is wide open, where your brain doesn't register that such is the case, but, really, the entire mechanism of your incarceration is made out of air.

What can I say to make you want to put this piece of information to good use?

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