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Despite my conviction that this Saker guy is a pain in the ass I don't want to pay attention to very much, it's really about what he makes of things, not about the information he provides, and I have seen any number of media outlets talking about how weak Russia is and wondering who the fuck they think they're fooling, but maybe it's you.


Thanks to jo6 for calling this to mind for me today. I know that the psychopaths are doing to European leaders exactly as it is clear they've just done to Trumpery in their effort to ring Russia with, now, mini nukes, but the people of most of those countries are liable to be bucking that action even harder than their leaders are trying to keep alive at everyone else's expense.

Many of the big boys in their business communities have ignored sanctions altogether straight along, and many more of the smaller fry in those communities are yelling for sanctions to be dropped. Even though it is already impossible for European leaders to ignore this, they keep appearing to be ignoring it. When push comes to shove, they are NOT going to be able to ally with the psychopaths militarily when the existential threat is not only to them personally but the very territory over which they govern.

I know it's been a few years, but I vividly remember President Medvedev stating clearly in front of the world that Russia will have no option but to use nukes against existential threats placed too near their borders. I don't think Russia has been idle in the effort to prevent these threats being placed, though, and I also don't think people in European countries are anymore in favor of continuing psychopath rule than we are.

French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon shot way up in the polls immediately after promising to make Edward Snowden and Julian Assange French citizens if elected. Among other things, this shows strongly that Russia is not viewed as an enemy in France, and probably nowhere outside some formerly Eastern-Bloc countries.

Basically, just because there are puppets running all states in Western "Civilization", does not mean the planet is lost to the puppeteers... and does not mean the global insider resistance, despite sickening attrition, can not come up to the task of knocking out the crucial movers against us.

When I say that we are responsible, and must take responsibility, I mean that the very least each of us can do is stay strong in arguments against the propaganda machine... put our bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels and upon the levers of the machine so odious it's made us sick at heart.

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