of heroes and the helpless

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Last night came a dreadful storm, as bad or worse than any of the fall and winter, nearly constant rolling thunder and then the power snapped out... only for a part of a second and then proceeded to unmistakable brownout for the better part of an hour and my power was not restored until about fifteen minutes ago.

This happened right after I'd been to the store for fresh cream and meat... neither of which is likely to be fresh enough now. Maybe not all the way gone off, though, I hope, but I had to drive today through pounding rain/hail to get to coffee. Picture that.

Stoney gray skies hurling shit down so hard the wipers are almost completely useless, towering grampas out there wondering if it might be okay to drop a limb on you to relieve some stress, while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle without benefit of caffeine or neurological spark.

Nobody died.

And, at my house, when the power is out, one may make a phone call or use the toilet. Those are your options. The entire world has blinked out and your only hope of salvation is a call to the power company to explain you heard the transformer blow or to 911 to ask for paramedics to come fetch you out of yourself.

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