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Nazis are still fucking the Saudis. Every single day I am reminded of my fundamental difference with Granny Fussbudget about the base of operations for what he likes to call "The Nazi International" or the "Nazi Extra-Territorial State". Where, oh, where could those nasty buggers build all their highfalutin tech?

Gee. Hmmmm.

Once again, who the fuck financed Hitler in the first place? Nazism was not a German creation. It didn't start or end there. But, but, but where, oh, where could those pig fuckers ever be?

Bariloche? Colonia Dignidad? Antarctica?

Anyway, if you want a decent overview of what they have been doing to the Saudis and Afghanis and others since about the dissolution of the Soviet Union up on through today, this lecture by Danny Sheehan last year gives you some good clues.

But if you don't want to spend the time on it, the short and short of it is, the Nazis set up the Saudis to pay for 9/11 at the same time they set up OBL to become an historic villain for having the chutzpah to declare jihad against them back when they were first engaged in fucking Saddam and occupying Saudi Arabia on the strength of baldfaced lies.

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