took too long

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And that would be because they had to wait for the stumps they torched on the perimeter to stop smoking. Some MOAB. Didn't even discolor the rocks or singe the grass, and so they had to send somebody out with a blow torch to do in a line of little trees to make it look like something happened.

Not that I want them killing anyone, mind you. I just want them out of our hair forever. That's all. There is no ISIS without them.

There is no completely corrupt and incompetent power structure where only public servants belong anymore either. I can hear one of those smug fucks bellowing right now that we ain't shit without their greedy asses drumming up resources and jobs for us. Fuck you, psychopath. The only one who ever wanted that shit was you. And the ones who had it right you tortured to death.

pipe up any time....