unfortunately not an april fools joke

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You, some of you, may recall I was a moderator for a supposed election integrity website for entirely too long. One of the reasons I quit was the visceral loathing for a woman stand-up act, claiming to be a progressive, who began commenting there regularly. She prided herself in her rapier wit.

It was a thing to behold.

But all those parrying blades of hers sacrificed lucidity for sharpness. Honesty, obviously, was completely beyond her ken, but I would have settled for lucidity. And this whole protest from "the left" reminds me of that profoundly stupid harridan entirely too much.

She, of course, was not the only reason, the whole site was sacrificing effectiveness for popularity, never turning to anything more serious than stunts, and that was the main reason I could not stay. I could hear all those ancients screaming from antiquity, "Don't waste time!" So I left. That, I think, would have been in the Spring of 2011, making it approximately five years there, watching the comments turn from seriously concerned citizens to unbearably glib idiots.

It just this moment struck me that the election of Nosbaracktu was the kick off for an extremely effective effort to turn liberals into SJWs, attack harpies, eardrum-shatteringly-loud zombies. I lost patience with it before it was even halfway to full throat.

Lately, I notice that every single time truth threatens the primacy of their mass hallucination — outrageously — they demand resignations or recusals or replacements. Why? Not even truth is allowed to make them accept defeat. Don't be quaint. The age of quaint was over decades ago. Now we go full retard up to eleven — formerly known as tantrums — when we don't get our way.

Yes, yes, I know the entirety of its leadership is paid handsomely to pull this shit, but it baffles me how many seem to assume it is righteous and go on with their lives, bitching nearly full time about stuff that is nowhere even close to being based on fact, or grounded in the real world.

It began with the college kids' texting craze pulling massive turnouts for the only half black guy in 2008. It is beyond the beyond psychedelic now, and the only-half-black-president-of-the-world-wannabe went from being worth about a million dollars in 2008 to now somewhere around a hundred million. He's set up shop — Obama for President of Earth headquarters — supposedly the family home, in DC, with Valerie Jarrett in an adjoining master suite... to facilitate strategizing.

Which is silly because none of that strategery comes from either of them. They do, though, need to powwow on how best to catapult the propaganda, so it was thrifty of them to move in together... but I'm wondering if they even have to be at all clever about their catapulting anymore.

Nobody seems to notice that all this noise masks the absence of mass arrests of globalist psychopath felons, and aims to start a third world war — because, you know, global control — and the only people who are arguing with it are mere "trumptards" who don't, for the most part, seem to completely grasp, in their outraged social media posts anyway, the fundamentals.

It's NOT team sports. It's every life on earth.

These are not just lies to cover deeply un-American activity. They are a full court press for another false flag slaughterfest that will be known as WWIII if anybody lives through it.

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