a lawyer stating the obvious

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Into a world where we don't know it without a two-by-four to the chops. I'm on my way to declare myself my own lawyer. Pray for me. Pray I make it out alive.


Made it to motel. Not much roadwork delay on a Sunday, thank God. The slide that closed 101 a couple times this year is nothing compared to the one just north of it where they decide ten or more years ago to make a bridge over the Eel and run along the west bank until the highway is out of the danger zone. THAT one is now EPIC.

The highway now bypasses the dreaded Willits and it's pretty, for all the locals who are unhappy. There were times where getting through the tiny town of Willits, California took an HOUR. Tourists and commuters. Fucking hell. It was miserable, especially in the summer when it was 90 to 110ยบ there.

It's, of course, already too warm for me and Lake County's week and a half springtime is definitely past. You can see the remnant purple from the lupins blending in with the already bleached ecru grass. The creosote bushes, and tan oak, though, look happier'n pigs in shit.

Well. Strictly speaking, they ARE pigs in shit.

Notwithstanding lane closures, the bypass let this trip take only five hours. It used to be nearly six, if I exceeded the speed limit. I don't do that anymore. So knocking out the town of Willits, all things considered, has taken something like forty-five minutes off the drive to and from my house.

But they'll be working on the roads when I go home, so I better look for some Ensure or something to keep me hale while baking in line for the lanes to open.

pipe up any time....