fuck the buddha machine

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If you do not listen to Jordan Peterson's 2017 Maps of Meaning course, and make everyone you know, especially your kids listen to it too, you are passing up maybe the single most productive thing you can do for yourself, everyone around you, and maybe life on earth. I'm not kidding.

He's going to be doing a lecture series in Toronto over the summer where he will be interpreting the bible from his human evolutionary perspective, and I can hardly wait to listen to every minute of that, repeatedly, too. Think of how many people who outright knee jerk hate Christianity, or think it's utter idiocy, period. What if someone could show you how millennia of human experience went into the formulation of the tenets in that book?

What if that actually applies to most of the religions on earth? What if there's a guy out there who can elucidate for you how we might move forward with radically less hatred and cruelty and suffering? Yeah, no, probably the whole world won't catch on, but wouldn't giving as many people as possible the chance to contemplate this stuff be the biggest help we can, in these times, muster?

Yes. So I changed the link under my line man on the bottom of the page to always take you to this playlist. Might update it in the future with the playlist of his bible lectures.

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