in the first place

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If that were true it proves the whole drama over covert astrophysical superiority of the psychopaths is like Walt Disney fighting with R. Crumb over whose work is better-sourced.

It also proves people who take Monopoly money seriously will swallow anything, which, of course, would be laughable if it were not the number one cause of suffering on this planet. It would show those who like it so much when they don't really need it, or too much when they really do, are alike motivated by greed.

But enough of that. What would this putative huge hunk of metal be like when it reached the surface of our planet? How radioactive would it be after crossing the VanAllen belts to get here, and how many fucking trips would it take to accommodate the quadrillions needed to make everybody finally stop believing in balanced books?

Or, if we do in fact have the physics to propel craft into space using the fabric of the cosmos itself as fuel and making pockets of radiation-negation around them, doesn't this constitute an offer the psychopaths can't refuse?

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