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The program got updated yesterday, and I usually hate it when they do that stuff because it disrupts my body schemas and makes me scramble to get comfortable again, but, well, despite forgetting to give me a handy save button that makes me have to go up to the menu for it, there are improvements... like look how I fixed this image.


Though I well know it is bad luck to mention my pleasure with the weather, I can't help myself. It's been overcast for five days now and I can't tell you how much better this is for me. I think my physiology is pretty much set on cool-but-not-cold or warm-but-far-from-hot... seems at its best in light sweater weather... and I've gotten some over the last week.

Sunny is nice once in a while if there's a cooling breeze off the ocean, but optimal is between 58º and 68º. I start getting too chilly below that, and it starts becoming too stuffy for me above that, and if the air is still, 72º is the break point where I start feeling miserable. 52º is where I want no air flow and stop trying to deprive the power company of my no money at all. So I have my optimal range and about four degrees on either side of it where the discomfort is manageable without costing too much of my no money or making me long to sit in the surf or hose off my head while watering the yard.

So, dudes, hail to the buddhas of the ten directions, the weather has been merciful for a little while. My gratitude is bubbling up from my heart.


Today's list of headlines too stupid to be borne:

Balderdash. More like trying to profit off his demise.

Never heard of attorney/client privilege... or give zero fucks.

We're all Ukrainians now.

The 4th Amendment, once broken, strips you of rights.

Carter officially senile... maybe since taking office.

"Misadvising" is code for holding gun to head....


And one from last week that bears some serious contemplation.

I still think Mrs. Merkel is being held hostage by psychopaths, being made to do what they want, over everything the business people and workers of Germany want... but that she is strengthening Germany over the psychopaths as best she can. I might very well be wrong.

And I really abhor the fact of that visit from Barackhanaten right before she was due to meet Donny, and feel it necessary to remind you that our last president is now blatantly and very publicly a creature of the oligarchy, whereas the current president still only shows signs of capitulation to coercion, and hasn't shown himself yet to be committed to it.

Yes, she has her own international criminal bankers to worry about, but might she not be weakening them as opposed to the other way around? Might she not have been walking the razor's edge between globalist psychopaths and international harmony in the years since they dumped Russia out of the G8 and began furiously sabotaging the economies and leaderships of BRICS nations and Russian allies in South America?

I know for sure she was with Putin against WWIII and for international harmony... and most outward appearances looking pretty bleak, I'm not ready to believe she's really with the psychopaths even yet.

But don't listen to me. I never dreamed Carter actually respected mister Geopolitical Chess... thought I was over the Tooth Fairy bit.

We're talkin' hard pills here.

pipe up any time....