never ending

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There are some out there still trying to keep the dream alive, like maybe Trump can be king, rule by fiat and not have to listen to any of these obstructive shits... make America great again. HE CAPITULATED. It was blinking neon in a blaze ineffectual missiles aimed at the airbase in Syria! And just to make sure you didn't miss the signal, he followed that right up with an ineffectual MOAB.

What? You want more actual blood?

Today I saw some progressive-fascist fuck, who has driven everyone crazy with his Hillary shit for a year or more already, respond to the horse shit about a crematorium with, "Let's do this." No shit.

American conservatives are so seriously more liberal than American progressives now, and when even Ann Coulter is reading the tea leaves, you know this jackass isn't any more of an American president than anyone since JFK.

It's our responsibility... but we're resorting to colorful dyes in our coffee instead.

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