plagiarisers strike back at copycats

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Dank Hypnotist has recently put out "an interview" with Bill Ryan about the fraudulence of another of David Wilcock's sidekicks. The miscreant in question pronounces paternalistically — on subscription internet tv put out by famous charlatans — on his interaction with an alien race he calls Blue Avians, and is doing this in the name of a "secret space program" the propounders of which are legion, and not, by the way, originally from the group including Admiral Janeway and Granny Fussbudget.

Still, Dank Hypnotist did this in dramatic fashion, spreading Ryan out into three ponderous segments that interlaced DJ's greasy version of neuro-linguistic programming and Bill's famous interleaves of prefacing and disclosing and hemming and stuttering.

It is obvious that Janeway and Fussbudget are pissed about all the profits being drained off their pet term and want all denizens of Out There to understand from this stupid attempt at mind controlling rubes that they are the "experts"... the serious people... who do the serious research... on this subject.

Just incorporate your conference business as "Covert Space Program" or "Hidden Space Program" or even "Occult Space Program" for fucksakes and be quit of this horse shit. Go ahead and draw your crowds on the merits or lack thereof of your own "work" and don't stoop to this manipulative shit to wrest customers from other people who also do not deserve their incomes.

That one's free.

And drop the "Breakaway Civilizations" part of it since Walter is the only one who ever brings that up and you don't even know what it means, and I hate to tell ya but Wilcock has as much basis on which to assert his assertions about a not-public space program as you do... in fact, it's identical to yours.

So's that one.

Oh, oh, he thinks he's the reincarnation of a famous guy and trots out clowns and disinformation artists, while you used to be in the federal government or got your arcane doctorate from Oxford. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo. You make your adult fairytales out of sterner stuff than he does, and so you are the "experts"?

I swear, if that creepy guy in the goatee brought your names into it with "experts" even one more time in that abortion with Bill Ryan my gut flora were going into full revolt. You are getting sleeeeepy. Admiral Janeway and Granny Fussbudget are the eeeexpurts and the rest of the people invoking "secret space program" are charlatans discrediting the seriousness of this profound wuuuuuurk.

The scene has become so ludicrous I don't even blame the psychopaths for leaving us out of it anymore. I'm not kidding! What would you jackasses contribute to their already seamless shtick? How would you improve on the deployment of all that advanced tech from theirs? NOT. AT. ALL.

pipe up any time....