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That Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill and Laura Poitras sold out to the psychopaths when they signed on with First Look Media. It may not even have been Omidyar's intent to do this to them, but it was the means by which the deathless PTB could appear to be "independent media", become a "new" mainstream, seem righteous to those of us not so easily led by the nose into mistakes of genocidal proportions.

You are wise to remember that Matt Taibbi quit First Look because of limitations on his power to run his department, produce his product up to his own standards. This is a pretty good hint that the others decided those limitations could be overlooked in light of the paychecks and status conferred by oligarchs.

Not so much that they knowingly signed on to shill for globalist psychopaths, but that they lacked the mental acumen to see through such a powerfully tempting offer... sort of blanked out their ability to see what this meant for the ultimate use of their work product.

What do you suppose induced Poitras to disregard her legal contracts so blatantly? Hmmmm? It certainly was not her conscience. And isn't it ironic that now WikiLeaks has yet another expensive legal matter to try to cover on donations from the public alone? Is that the Laura Poitras who went with Greenwald to meet Snowden?

In case you are confused, NO, IT ISN'T.

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