color me unimpressed

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Do NOT fall for this crap. If twenty voting systems were hacked or had hacks attempted, it was one of the parties, and almost certainly the D-words, using CIA "Vault 7" tools to cover their identity, and that will be why Nosbaracktu did or said nothing.

The POINT is to villainize Russia... Vladimir Putin... so relentlessly that everyone finally gives up and believes it, will give up any number of our kids to shut their pie holes, get WWIII over with, so we can get them off our backs, go back to our miserable little entertainments and hope Dominoes still delivers through the rubble.

Every goddam one of the unproven and disproven alleged filthy acts by Putin has crept back up from the ooze to again be taken as true, like every other time in history the swamp creatures have been thwarted. They never atop. The best we ever get is that they slink away to regroup.

Blissful as that it is, it always means doom.

So, now, righties better KEEP calling it bullshit, even though the onus is switching over to the other side. Please. My scalp looks awful when I tear out my hair.

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