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You know very well I have been referring to progressives as "progressive-fascists" or just plain in the very most sarcastic or angry terms for coming on ten years now. I think any old person who remembers the real definitions of English words, would find me to be even further left than progressive and even further libertarian than anyone except maybe a certain faction of anarchists.

Categories, boxes, labels, what-have-you, as you have seen unless you are mentally impaired, can only serve as a sort of shorthand for general abstractions. Tighten down on that even a little and you are creating a polemic or a stricture that impedes your growth and that of anyone who deigns to agree with you, including of course your victim/s. So I did not come to the conclusion lightly that I should best call people who presumably want to be my allies "progressive fascists". I did it in the hope that anyone considering my words would be prompted to recognize the corporate and totalitarian leanings of groups insisting they are on the side of the little guy.

This is pretty easy to accomplish nowadays, for people who mean us nothing but exploitation to convince people who mean for us to be free and happy, and it's taken place right before your very eyes. You have seen rabid "progressives" torching free speech signs and belting people in the face with bicycle locks and looting and burning and punching and putting old people in the hospital and now shooting politicians. You have seen them giving zero fucks about anyone needing their job to feed their family. You have seen them carrying on as though half the population of the United States is racist and sexist and wants to kill homosexuals, et cetera.

No, right. Nobody, but an embarrassed few, has been any of those things for decades, but suddenly it's half of us, or almost all of us if we dare try to speak sensibly around "leftist" militants... and I gotta say, even as I would have voted for Bernie if he'd become the candidate, I was not then or at any time prior to that under any illusion that he would change anything for the better... just that I knew he wanted to.

His days of really strong moral character are long since over. He hasn't been anything more than reciting the words for decades. If by some miracle the DNC had been made to let the real favorite become the candidate, Trump would not be in the White House and Bernie would be there right now, signing off on absolutely everything he was told to sign off on.

People are always SO damn willing to believe it's just incompetence or crummy ideology to blame for the horrors flourishing in our country, call the rest of us "conspiracy theorists" when the truth is blinking neon for ANYONE more willing to admit the truth than to protect themselves from difficulty or embarrassment.

This vicious fuck was willing to KILL to avoid facing the truth.

Whereas, psychopaths don't have this problem, and it's not out of virtue, but their inability to feel like human beings. They care about winning and power over others and that is ALL they care about. So they can see perfectly well that humans would rather believe it's just politics than that their country is being run by killers, so they play this symphony for us all the way up to eleven 24/7/365.

They aren't even hiding it anymore.

Why should they?

You won't identify what you see to save your own life.

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